About me

I am an empirical economist focused on labor markets, using data to understand the consequences of reforms and drivers of change. As a senior post-doc at the German Institute for Economic Research in the Department of the Socio-Economic Panel, I have experience in academic research, a record of policy advice, familiarity with media outreach, and understand survey data provision.

I am an expert on the German minimum wage reform, a co-author of peer-reviewed academic publications, and a frequent contributor to the relevant policy discussions. In 2021, my proposal on the evaluation of the minimum wage impact on poverty won a grant from the German Minimum Wage Commission.

I am also an expert on the labor-market impacts of technological progress. In my dissertation, I studied how occupations differ by their contents and how these contents changed in response to new technologies. In 2020, my data module on digitalization became a part of the SOEP study and, in 2021, my research proposal on digital transformation of labor markets won a three-year grant from the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, providing me with the unique chance to contribute new insights into the opportunities and risks brought about by the digitalization of work places, platform work, and spread of artificial intelligence. This project is an interdisciplinary collaboration with Prof. Stefan Kirchner.

On Twitter, I tweet about labor-market issues related to minimum wages and technological progress. Furthermore, I am very much interested in real-life applications of my expertise and welcome exchanges with policy-makers and the private sector.

For more detail, please look at my publication record and the policy work. My curriculum vitae provides a complete record of my activities.

My profile @ IDEAS/RePEC

My interview for SOEP People on YouTube (in German)